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K.M. Hirosaki

Erotic Furry Fiction

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This is a journal primarily for me to post my creative writing, to post my thoughts on writing, and to interface with my readers and my fans. Feel free to comment on anything.

About my writing: I tend to write all-male Furry erotic fiction. My hope is to be unique, entertaining, and arousing without ever having to write the same story twice. One of my core philosophies is that I feel that sex can be used as a storytelling device, not just as a place for a story to end up, and not just as a means to titilate the reader outside the context of the plot that's going on.

That being said, since it's erotica, I'd also like to think that I'm okay at writing things that turn people on. :)

Feedback is golden. I try to write for my audience, and not for myself. All comments, complaints, criticism, advice, and other words and thoughts from my readers help make the craft happen.

I enjoy writing. I hope that you'll enjoy reading.