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Hey everyone!

I present to you the last in the series of six Star Wars film commentary tracks. It was quite the journey, and we end the series on a film that I remember seeing down in Universal City with one of my oldest friends, and that I remember as being markedly better than it seems to be now.

This is a sort of "fan commentary" track, with different guests and people stopping by to contribute to the discussion (in this case, a highly alcohol-fueled discussion). In the vein of Rifftrax, the idea is that the audio file is synched up with a copy of the movie, so that you're hearing us talking at the right points in the movie. Massive thanks go to buckhopper for his studio time, editing time, all-around awesomeness, and RoPo sensibilities in this, our final recording in his old studio. Sic transit gloria bunny, as it were.

While not as much of a drunken farce as the last film, the wretched filmmaking and poor production of the prequels still rear their ugly heads for a raucously good-bad time as we watch Episode III - Revenge of the Sith! Hold on tight to your glass of whatever alcohol you're drinking.

Unsheathed Podcast feed: http://www.kyellgold.com/kkcast/unsheathed.rss

*We used the DVD version, but any other version of the movie (including Blu-Ray) should work fine. Since we're not riffing on the movie line-by-line, a few seconds different won't really impact what you're hearing.


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Dec. 4th, 2013 07:13 pm (UTC)
These are always great on my 3+ hr road trips! Episode 2 got wacky for me in the way of downloading off of iTunes so I have to see if it's in working condition.

I also found a way to self-publish (okay, just obtain a printed-copy) my novel, make an e-reader version, AND an audiobook version. It's a perfect self-serving christmas gift! lol
(the audiobook version is also great on those long drives)
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