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Greetings, everyone!

I know the wait for this one has been a long one, but it's finally available for your viewing pleasure: the penultimate episode in the six-episode Star Wars commentary saga. You get to listen to me, your favorite podcasting otter, and a bunch of other people, as we provide some rather, uh, unique drunken conversation to accompany your movie-watching.

This is a sort of "fan commentary" track, with different guests and people stopping by to contribute to the discussion (in this case, a highly alcohol-fueled discussion). In the vein of Rifftrax, the idea is that the audio file is synched up with a copy of the movie, so that you're hearing us talking at the right points in the movie. Massive thanks go to buckhopper for his studio time, editing time, all-around awesomeness, and RoPo sensibilities. Oh, and for cleaning up the vomit.

No, that last part is not a joke.

So yes, join the biggest Unsheathed Star Wars commentary yet, featuring Dakota, Farallon, B-Hop, Kohai, Jericho, Jaded Fox, and yours truly as we start out super-drunk and only get drunker as we delve right into the boring, incoherent mess that is Episode II - Attack of the Clones!

Unsheathed Podcast feed: http://www.kyellgold.com/kkcast/unsheathed.rss

*We used the DVD version, but any other version of the movie (including Blu-Ray) should work fine. Since we're not riffing on the movie line-by-line, a few seconds different won't really impact what you're hearing.