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"Shorts for Summer" Post-Mortem

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, I've decided to let that mark the traditional end of summer (a opposed to the autumnal equinox) insofar as my "Shorts for Summer" go.

So yeah, since mid-June, I was able to crank out 11 stories on a (mostly) weekly basis. I want to thank all of my readers, both old and new, for their support during that time, and my desire to not disappoint my reader base went a long way into spurring me on to keep writing even when I otherwise just wanted to skip out, from time to time.

I have my own thoughts on how the project went, but before I get into all of that, I'm curious to know what YOU all thought of the whole "Shorts for Summer" deal.

Do you think it was a neat idea? Do you think you guys got some worthwhile stories out of it? What stories were your favorites? Do you have any suggestions for if I ever did something like this again.

Any other thoughts or feedback you want to give are totally welcome. Fire away!



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Sep. 8th, 2012 03:26 am (UTC)
I thought the idea was really neat, but unfortunately I had foolishly decided to teach a new summer class and it took a lot more time than I expected so I soon felt overwhelmed by all your stories. I ended up putting them aside for later >.>

It does seem to me that having goals and deadline can be very helpful, particularly with creative works where one might have a tendency to only work when "in the mood" when in fact sometimes forcing oneself to work can actually get oneself in the mood

When you write them do you like getting feedback as they are posted? I am afraid I didn't really think about that aspect of it. I guess I tend to think that artists and writers are posting their work to get it out there, but not really wanting any sort of feedback on the stories.
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